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My mom was suffering from regular cold problem.. After taking ayurvedic therapy and regular consultations now her cold is completely cured.. So thank u so much Dr. Jayesh Varade.


Every year in monsoon I suffer from typhoid since last 17/18 years except for this year. Dr Jayesh had given me Panchkarma treatment Basti which has helped me in this season. Dr Jayesh is very humble, sincere & knowledgeable MD Ayurvedic practitioner in this vicinity of Thane district. With his guidance and assistance I am changing my lifestyle in naturopathic way which is beneficial and useful. He is 100% recommended for any disease....


Thank u so much for improving quality of life. I am really pleased with my results...The difference now is stunning....


Excellent results, one of of relative suffering from the rheumatoid arthritis all Allopathic doctors have said she has to depend on steroids for her rest of life, we consulted Jayesh sir Ayurvedic clinic and started her treatment, within a year she got complete rid of her steroids. Thanks to Ayurveda.


Wonderful! I hope this will be used by many nations. I received Netra Tarpanam treatment. I hope many will experience this and get healed of their pains and illness.

Ritesh Kadam