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Ayurveda is one of the major ancient sciences of India. The very fact that it still remains a vital health-care system shows its viability and inherent strength. It has imbibed the trends of the times as it evolved through the ages. The aim of Ayurveda is two folds, to maintain and promote the health of healthy and to treat the illness of the diseased.

For serving these purposes various health regimens and treatment modalities have been described. As far as the treatment methods are concerned Ayurveda has described the use of shaman (Palliative treatment) and Shodhan (Bio-Purifaction methods) methods. The latter incorporates the five modes of purification, which include Vaman(inducing emesis), Virechan(inducing purgation), Nasya(nasal insufflations and instillations), Basti(medicated enemas) and Rakta mokshana(blood letting).

These five techniques of bio purification done through several procedures purify the body system by removing toxic materials from the body. These purification methods are essential components of the curative management of those diseases that are not amenable to palliative management.

Various massage treatment methods; the use of different techniques of oil application and the use of fomentation methods are an prerequisite and adjuvant to these Panchakarma treatments. These specialized techniques have high medicinal value and are applied to treat many diseases, which are even otherwise not manageable by conventional methods of treatment.

Panchakarma literally means five methods of body purification. These methods are employed in the healthy to prevent diseases and to improve the immunity as also in the sick to treat a number of diseases. These methods are also employed as a part of the Rasayana therapy (Rejuvenation) that has gained tremendous relevance over the years. There are certain preparatory methods to be done before the actual Panchakarmas are performed. They are called as Purvakarma in Ayurveda and involve internal administration of medicated oils/Ghee (Snehan), external application of oils and fomentation (Swedan).

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