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The amazing journey of Ayurveda from its divine origin to the present day has left us wondering about the enormous potential this science possesses. This traditional system of medicine of India has an un-enviable position in the field of providing remedies for the aliments as it provides satisfactory answers to the entire problems the world is facing today.

Today science and technology is progressing by leaps and bounds with many new developments taking stage and reaching us with the speed like that of light. We being the habitants of this ever growing and increasing techno-crazy world have been part and parcel of the advantages and the disadvantages that come along with the gift of newer inventions. To achieve the benefits of these advancements as desired, we i.e. mankind is the one whose got to pay back also by bearing the adverse effects. This can be clearly seen as people do not even see the limitation in regards with the time, food, sleep etc. and invite innumerable problems for their health. These troubles come in the form of mental as well as physical afflictions and lead to many disease or disorders of the systems governing our body.

Ayurveda the science of longevity, originality and wholesomeness has been into existence right from Lord Brahma, the creator of universe. It has come into proper use since the time our sages found that common mankind is facing troubles regarding their health. The four Arthas started getting difficult to be achieved by sages and hence from the lords. Ayurveda came to them which has later perceived and shift is used in same way as was narrated to them. Today with growing ailments, Ayurveda which is fully subtle in its origin and use becomes the only herbal and natural option to answer or treat disease which becomes difficult to cure. Hence Ayurveda the science of life becomes the base for these questions.

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